Dear Inside Edge Capital (formerly New Age Wealth Advisors) Client,

I hope this finds you well.  It has been some time since my last communication and for that I apologize.  Let’s first begin with an update on the transition back to the Inside Edge Capital name, and then we’ll move into the state of the confusing market environment.  This video is quite lengthy as it’s been some time since I’ve sent out an update so please grab a nice cold drink if reading in the evening, or hot beverage for the morning.   Once the new website is launched, expect to see weekly updates.

Lastly, If you are concerned about further downside in the market please either watch until the end or skip to the last 5 minutes where I address the possibility of additional market downside and how we plan to respond.


Todd Gordon


Topics Covered In The Video:

  1. Opening – Company update
  2. SPX 500 long-term chart / Apple
  3. Michael Bury tweet
  4. SPX EPS and expected earnings 10 Yr
  5. SPX EPS and expected earnings 3 yr
  6. CPI chart
  7. Fed funds expectations – Where is the terminal rate? 
    • Look at long term rates too.  10 yr rates at 3.3%
    • What does that mean?  Drives risk sentiment and sector rotation
  8. FF – CPI chart
  9. Corp / Treasury spreads 16 year
  10. Corp / Treasury spreads 1 year
  11. 10-2 spread
  12. 10 year yield/growth-value optuma
    • Show how higher rates drive value stocks
  13. Fundamentals value vs growth stocks
    • Fundamentals of growth vs value? 
      • PE ratio
      • Price to sales
        • Market cap / yearly revenue
        • Lower PSR stock is undervalued or value stocks
        • Higher PSR stock is overvalued or growth stocks
      • Price to book ratio
        • Share price / book value of equity
        • Book value = company balance sheet assets – liabilities
        • Book value per share = book value / shares outstanding
        • Market price of stock / book value per share = price to book ratio.
      • Growth estimates
  14. Macro sector seasonality
  15. Sector seasonality
  16. IEC model portfolios
    • Growth sector weightings
    • Value sector 
    • Stock holdings will be attached to this email


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