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What Does It Mean To Be On The ‘Inside Edge’?

Inside Edge is a play on founding partner Todd Gordon’s years as a competitive ski racer. At first glance, the similarities of downhill ski racing and investment management might be hard to see. For both, there is much at stake. Whether it’s the skier in the starting gate or the investor sitting down to make important financial choices, it’s up to both of them to be researched, prepared, and ready to execute their game plan with confidence. And much like the inside edge of a ski, our approach emphasizes the advantaged gained through skillful navigation and calculated moves in the investment landscape.

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We employ an active, tactical, and opportunistic approach..

Financial Planning

Having a personal financial plan in place can help you..

Sub-Advisory Services

Having a personal financial plan in place can help you reach your..

Who We Serve

Wealth Accumulator

Our wealth accumulators are the embodiment of ambition and dedication. They’re the forward-thinking professional who knows the value of evaluating their overall wealth management strategy and aims to secure their financial future. 

 With a proactive mindset, they’re ready to partner with someone that can help them leverage their resources intelligently and help navigate the complexities of wealth management with confidence.

Nearing Retirement or Retired

Our clients nearing retirement or already retired are preparing for a life free from financial worries.

Their top priorities are to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful retirement. With us by their side as their fiduciary, they can look forward to knowing that their financial matters are meticulously managed, granting them the freedom to savor each moment without concerns.

High Net worth families

For those who’ve crafted a life of accomplishment, our services are designed to alleviate and streamline the web of financial responsibilities.
We recognize the multi-faceted demands that arise across various domains. As your wealth management advisor, we are uniquely situated to stand as a comprehensive solution. By skillfully managing a comprehensive approach, we empower affluent families to channel their energy into the pursuits that truly matter.

we are committed to our 3-part mission:

Formulating and implementing a financial plan to address individual needs

Gaining a deep understanding of each client's financial needs, desires, and risk tolerance

Customized, active, tactical investment strategies reflective of the prevailing market conditions that align with each client's goals and risk tolerance, offering peace of mind

Meet The Founder

Todd Gordon

Co-Founder, Director of Investments, CNBC Contributor

Todd lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with his wife and three kids.  Todd worked on Wall Street for a hedge fund and brokerage firm, has been a CNBC contributor since 2010, and launched his own research firm in 2010….

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