Meet The Founder

Todd Gordon

Founder, Director of Investments, CNBC Contributor

Todd lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with his wife and three kids.  Todd worked on Wall Street for a hedge fund and brokerage firm, has been a CNBC contributor since 2010, and launched his own research firm in 2010….

Todd is the Director of Investing at Inside Edge and according to Todd:

At Inside Edge we believe that too many wealth advisors and portfolio managers are stuck using an analog approach in the new digital economy. We see the world as undergoing a digital revolution…

Kyle Wasson, CFP®

Director of Planning

As Director of Financial Planning, Kyle is entrusted with advising clients and delivering services with a personalized experience. Prior to joining Inside Edge Capital, Kyle worked as a financial advisor for a local registered investment advisor in Austin, TX…

Kyle is the Director of Planning at Inside Edge and according to Kyle:

We work hard getting to know you on a deep, personal level to align your wealth with what’s most important to your life. The financial planning process is an in-depth, customized approach…