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My dream was always wealth management.  

”I spent the last 20 years relentlessly studying, trading, and investing in the financial markets. In that time I coached thousands of traders in my first business at TradingAnalysis.com, while sharing my market views hundreds of times on CNBC.  It’s been great, but I knew I wanted to go to the next level and work with a certain core group of clients. I’ve always dreamed of forming a personal one-on-one relationship with my clients by applying what I’ve learned to help navigate the increasingly complex markets in an attempt to build, or preserve, generational wealth.

After turning 40 I moved my family from the NY/NJ area back to my hometown in Saratoga Springs NY to begin the process.  Since launching in ‘21, the world really took a turn in a weird direction! Market volatility has exploded as a result of this historic social, political, and economic unrest, the likes of which many portfolio managers have never seen. Question – have you really considered who you are currently entrusting to manage your financial future?  

Over the years I’ve observed a large amount of wealth managers out there who are more focused on asset gathering and marketing – rather than markets. 

I’m proud to say I spent the first half of my career focused on learning how to read markets. Now it’s time to share what I’ve learned and help others take the inside edge and reach their financial ‘finish line’.  

-Todd Gordon

At IEC we are committed to our 3-part mission:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of each client’s needs, desires, and risk tolerance 
  • Formulating and implementing a financial plan to address individual needs
  • Customized, active, tactical investing strategies reflective of the prevailing market conditions that align with each client’s goals and risk tolerance offering peace of mind.

Core values

OUr core values


Individuals need honest, expert advice from someone they can trust. At Inside Edge Capital, we uphold our fiduciary responsibility to act towards the financial well-being of our clients. Being fee-based and a fiduciary is very important because it allows us to always act in our client’s best interest. We are independent and not tied to any broker or custodian, we receive no commissions for investment selections, nor do we receive kickbacks for financial planning recommendations. This gives us the freedom to deliver you unbiased expert guidance and recommendations.


Setting goals won’t merit much without executing on those goals. By collaborating with you on the development, implementation and monitoring of your financial strategy, we provide peace of mind, knowing what it takes to stay on a path to achieve your long-term financial goals. 
As your financial advisor, we can also serve as the liaison and coordinator of you and your team of professionals. This means making sure that the professionals working for you, such as tax professionals and estate planning attorneys, are working together to meet your goals. 


A good wealth advisor communicates at your level of complexity, answers questions, and does what they can so that clients understand core concepts that will help them be financially successful. We are here to have conversations with you, not talk at you or above you. Our team of dedicated professionals will take the time to explain concepts in simple terms, answering your questions and providing the necessary education for you to make informed decisions. 

Our website’s knowledge base is brimming with timely videos and articles to give you a better handle on financial subjects ranging from markets to budgeting, insurance, estate planning, taxes and investor psychology. 

In an 1817 letter, Thomas Jefferson equated knowledge with power, safety and happiness. We strive to help empower you with financial knowledge and harness the potential of your financial future.