Hard Work

Hard Work

By Kyle Wasson


Years ago, I was busy getting my old outdoor construction business up and running. It was a typical summer morning in central Texas. I had loaded up my trusty truck and trailer and, with the company of two helpers, we went out to complete a repair job.

The client owned a construction company too, and he saw us working our tails off to get the job done. We were on a mission that day. 

As the client came out to check on us and we were talking, he looked at me and said “you’re a hard worker and good work is hard to find. Do you want to come work for me?”

I smiled at his proposal and responded by saying “we can keep in touch”, and we continued on our individual ways.

As I was driving away, I reflected on his proposition. His opportunistic mindset was exactly what I would expect from a successful business owner.

And so was mine — I was appreciative of the offer, but I wondered that if I am a hard worker like you say, why should I be a hard worker for you? Why not let my dedication produce rewards for my own prosperity, rather than someone else’s?

As an independent RIA, we certainly want our hard work to work for us. More importantly, as an independent, fee-only firm that doesn’t take commissions, we want to help our clients make their hard work work for them!

Whether it’s through entrepreneurship or a great career, we love the idea that we’re all out here doing what needs to be done and building our own dreams. So let’s stay connected and carry on supporting each other, because when we do, we set the stage for future growth and success.