Todd Gordon

Todd Gordon is the Co-Founder and Director of Investments at New Age Wealth Advisors. He lives in Saratoga Springs NY with wife Tricia and their twin boys Jake and Brody, and their youngest Eden Rose.

Todd was born in Queensbury New York on groundhog’s day 1979. He spent his entire youth there leading an active lifestyle in upstate NY studying playing many sports, but excelling in alpine ski racing. His senior year he was one of the top ranked skiers in New York state. Todd’s love for the markets began at an early age. The day he turned 18 he was finally able to open his first E-trade account during the tech bubble of the late 90’s. Reading, studying, and following gurus on the internet he attempted to day trade via an AOL dial-up modem. It didn’t go so well, but he was hooked. Ask his parents about the first phone bill they received (they didn’t realize it was a long distance phone call to be connected to the internet).

Todd began college at St. Lawrence University in far upstate NY where he pursued a degree in economics, competed on their division-I alpine ski racing team, and continued to trade and study the markets. After a while Todd came to two realizations; first he was never going to be competitive at that elite level against future olympians, and second, he knew exactly where his career was headed, he was going to be a trader.

Opting to be financially prudent and reduce student loan burden, Todd transferred away from the expensive private school to the more reasonably priced Univ at Albany to continue studin economics. Todd will tell you he has not used his economics degree one single day in his 21-year career in the markets (he recommends psychology and history for aspiring traders / investors).

Following college he took his first job as a professional trader in San Diego, CA and eventually made his way back east to / Gain Capital on Wall St in New York working as a Sr Technical Analyst and trader for the parent company’s hedge fund. The move was very timely as just a few years into his new role the global financial crisis started in 2007.

Todd made a name for himself on social media and his initial interviews on BNN and CNBC by successfully trading and navigating the extreme market volatility with full transparency and devotion to his readers.

With momentum behind him in 2011 Todd left the corporate world and ventured on his own to start his own research and trading advisory business named TradingAnalysis still operates today led by an incredible team he’s built over the last decade that continues to serve active trading clients around the world.
Todd’s dream was to evolve from the education, research, and trading advisory model to a more intimate client-facing model of wealth management. In 2018, recognizing that the RIA / wealth management model was booming and headed online, Todd begged his beautiful wife Tricia to allow him to move their family away from New Jersey back to upstate NY. They currently reside in Saratoga Springs, NY where Todd and his business partner Ryan Bouchey launched New Age Wealth.

Todd has been a CNBC contributor since 2010 and continues to provide actionable, insightful, and light-hearted commentary for CNBC. He is known for blending technical and fundamental analysis to interpret the ever-changing market landscape to produce specific trading and investment ideas for CNBC viewers and his clients. He has appeared on various shows such as CNBC Fast Money Halftime show, Fast Money, Power Lunch, Squawk Alley, Squawk on the Street, Money in Motion, and the CNBC Stock Draft. He’s also appeared on Squawk Box multiple times, and also had the opportunity to sit in for Andrew Ross Sorkin as the host and conduct interviews.

Todd considers himself extremely lucky to have spent the past 2-decades in the financial markets and financial media doing a job he loves very much. He is very excited to enjoy the same success and satisfaction in the next evolution of his career with wealth management over the next 2-decades.